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About ECS Geothermal, Inc

ECS Geothermal, Inc  Is 100% focused on Geothermal / Ground source heat pumps making us experts in our field. ECS was just named Geo-Master Dealer of the year “Kansas City’s 2013 Residential Geothermal / Ground Source Heat Pump Dealer of the Year”. At the end of 2015 WaterFurnace stated ECS Geothermal is now the 7th largest dealer in the nation and the largest geothermal dealer within a 90 mile radius Kansas City. “Fun fact as of 5-8-14″: ECS  has officially installed  6,000,010 feet of geothermal pipe  installed  in the ground. That is just over 10,000 tons of geothermal installed in Kansas City.  No one around here even comes close to that expert level.
As the largest residential geothermal dealer in the Kansas City area, ECS has installed over 2,000 geothermal heating and cooling systems. We use the latest engineering tools and programs to design and properly size your geothermal system. Proper sizing saves you money from the beginning of your project, as well as every day the system operates. This is very important! If your system is oversized, you pay more for the installation, have higher monthly bills, and have reduced comfort levels due to short cycling of the system.
When your system is undersized, it costs you money every month, as the system runs more. With an undersized system, additional costs are also incurred due to reduced life expectancy, increased maintenance costs, and reduced comfort level when the system cannot keep up with the demand.
ECS guarantees your system will be properly sized to eliminate these problems.
A specially designed duct system is installed by ECS to deliver warmer air in the winter, cooler air in the summer, all the while keeping noise to a minimum. This insulated and sealed duct system ensures the air from your geothermal system is delivered to the room it was designed for and not to unconditioned space.
ECS has over 22 years of experience in the Kansas City area. We, not only are the largest geothermal installer in KC, but also are one of the largest WaterFurnace dealers in the nation. After years of hard work and extensive training, ECS Geothermal has earned the GEO PRO Master Dealer award from WaterFurnace.
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