Jackie M a must see testimonial

We are going with a 4-Ton Geothermal System with horizontal lines, that we will be purchasing from ECS up in Smithville Mo.  Chris at ECS Geothermal has been a joy to work with.  ** Check with your local utility company.  Ours will be giving us a rebate for installing our Geothermal system **  This is up and above the 30% tax credit we will received from the federal government!” 

UPDATE: We ended up going with a 3 ton system from another heating and cooling company CANT NAME because they stated that we only needed a 3 Ton system, and wrote us a letter stating that if the 3 Ton was not efficient they would upgrade to a 4 Ton for free.  We have since had a recalculation done by the Local Utility.  They have determined that we need a 4 Ton and will not authorize the rebate. The one thing we have learned from this is make sure that your Supplier know how to do a Manual J.  That’s the for calculating used to determine the size for Geothermal.  The other company did not know how to do one, and is now trying to back pedal on upgrading the furnace.  We have another brand of Geothermal and the product seems great but the AUX heat is having to run a great deal of time, and our heating costs are killing us.  I really should have stuck to my gut instinct and went with ECS. We are in the middle of litgations right now and are unable to change our system until that is resolved.  I will get a quote from ECS when that is completed.” ~ Jackie M.